Effortless grunge

Effortless Grunge

Ah, the Effortless Grunge, a crowd favourite. A sculpted style with a rugged edge., Shape and style with ease when you’re backstage. Rock it when you’re on-stage and hey, even when you step off.

Air bounce gloss

Air Bounce Gloss

The Air Bounce Gloss, a hairstyle that gets all the attention, without having to seek for it. Style it upwards with ease and give your hair the bounce it deserves.

Anti gravity spikes

Anti-Gravity Spikes

Defy the laws of gravity. Turn heads. Raise eyebrows. Spike and shape with ease. A rebel-inspired look that’s a head-turner for sure.

The out of bed look

The Out-Of-Bed-Look

Get maximum style, with minimum effort. Rock the laidback look with confidence, and truly own the #WokeUpLikeThis look.

The Classic Pompadour

Roll back the years with the classic pomp, an iconic style that will never go out of fashion. A versatile look for those looking to dress dapper or more stylishly, dress down.